Enrollment Step 1a: Zion Guidelines

Medical Cost Sharing Community  
Pre-existing Limitations 1st Yr $0 Sharing, 2nd Yr Up to $25k, 3rd Yr Up to $50k, 4th Yr+ Up to $125k Max Sharable
Pre-existing Exceptions Yes: Cholesterol, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure
Max shared per need No Limit
  Your Cost/ limitations
Eligible Medical Need (Covered Expenses) First $1,000 (IUA) per Need (Similar to deductible)
Hospitalizations Limit- 3 IUAs Annual, individual or Family
Surgeries Inpatient/out patient No Co-insurance
Emergency Room Community shares 100% after you pay IUA
Ambulance Land or Air Community shares 100% after you pay IUA
Rehab Community shares 100% after you pay IUA
Maternity Shareable after 60 days of membership and requires 2x IUA, No fertility/ Infertility treatment
Chiropractor Max 25 visits, within 120 days
Home health Care up to 90 days per incident
Prescriptions Only for Shareable Conditons
Mental Health Only if approved by Zion Health up to $3,000
Physical Therapy  PT: Inpatient only, ST: Outpatient only, Max 35 sessions/condition


  I have read and agree to the Zion Health Membership Guidelines.
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