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Obama Care

Obamacare Compliant

As a member you are compliant with the individual mandate penalties under the ACA (Obamacare). Health Care Cost Sharing is an affordable alternative to expensive healthcare. Join a group of like minded individuals who share medical expenses together.

Choose Your Doctor/Hospital

One of the benefits of membership in a Health Care Cost Sharing organizaton is that you are not tied to a traditional network. You have access to the largest network for preventative services and open access to any doctor for any needs that are shareable.  In fact, 97% of doctors are accepting our members.
affordable insurance

Typically 50% Less Expensive

Monthly programs range from $235 per month for a single member under 30 years old to $857 per month for our most comprehensive program for a family which has no annual or lifetime maximums.


HOW HEALTH CARE COST SHARING WORKS To those who may be unfamiliar with the concept of people caring for one another and voluntarily sharing their medical needs:  We work with a recognized Health Care Cost Sharing Company where individuals, couples, families and organizations make voluntary financial contributions into an escrow account that hold funds which are used to share the medical needs of the members. The Health Care Cost Sharing acts as a neutral escrow agent for the members and pays medical expenses according to the agreed upon guidelines. Our solution meets the ACA requirements to have insurance, therefore you avoid the fines.

“We cancelled our unaffordable health insurance and now pay less than half that to participate in the Health Care Cost Sharing Program.”

“With Obamacare our health insurance skyrocketed to $1422/month!  Thankfully we discovered health care cost sharing. We’ve cancelled our traditional insurance and are now paying less than half of that to part of a health care cost sharing program.  Not only are we saving over $350 per month but we plan on getting pregnant soon and it’s nice to know that all of our medical expenses with the pregnancy will be taken care of (after paying our un-shared amount).  This was a no-brainer for us and our friends and family are joining as well.” -The Forsey Family Draper, UT

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